Inspired by the 'PBH Free Fringe' that has revolutionised the famous Edinburgh Fringe.

freecomedy.com.au is now preparing for it's 8th year at the 2019 Melbourne International Comedy Festival.

In 2018 'Free Comedy' moved to the Highlander Bar in the Melbourne City Centre.

"Just because it's a free show doesn't mean it's no good. In fact it's far better than many shows I've paid to see" - RHUM

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Kieran Butler

Blaise White

TISM Tribute 2018

Kieran Butler as Ron Hitler Barassi and Blaise White as Les Misrerables do what TISM would have done at the MICF TISM Tribute show.

TISM never approved of what Kieran and Blaise did and would have no doubt told them to get fucked if they could have been bothered to learn how to use Facebook.

'Free Comedy' @ MICF (2016)


#YesAllWomen Open Mic Comedy (2013 -2017)

Free Comedy @ Highlander

2018 Melbourne Fringe

Sept 14-15, 21-22, 28-29

2018 Melbourne Fringe Program

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Remembering Eurydice Dixon


A collaboration by the Free Comedy community.

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Free Comedy @ Highlander Open Mic

Every Tuesday from 8.00 PM

To book a spot to perform at our regular Tuesday Open Mic comedy night please join the Australian Free Comedy Forum on Facebook, follow the ionstructions and add your name to the monthly booking thread with your preferred date.

You may also sign up on the night from 7.30 PM until 8.00 PM.

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