WEEKS 3 & 4 - April 9 to 20, Wed to Sun ...more info

6.15 PM - Gareth Macready - BOOK NOW

7.00 PM - Serene Desiree - BOOK NOW

7.45 PM - Jackson Clarke - BOOK NOW

8.30 PM - Blaise White - BOOK NOW

9.15 PM - Alan Driscoll - BOOK NOW

10.00 PM - Kieran Butler - BOOK NOW


WEEKEND SHOWS - April 12 &13, 19 & 20 ...more info

4.45 PM - Greg Furey - BOOK NOW

5.30 PM - Angelo D'Costa- BOOK NOW


Need a feed at the show? Check the '59 Free Comedy' menu!

Download the full venue guide as a pdf




LISTEN NOW to a short excerpt from'Confessions of a Call Centre Assassin' by Tony Magnuson.

Raw Prawn Comedy Cocktail MICF 2013

A podcast with host Kieran Butler

EP1 - Asaf Gerchak, Alan Driscoll & Taco

EP2 - Nicole Henriksen, Tony Magnuson, Jackson Voorhaar & Taco

EP3 - Abigoliah Schamaun, Amy Bodossian, Mel J. Richards & Taco

EP4 - Monty Franklin, Nick Stevens, Rob Caruana & Taco

EP5 - Martin Dunlop, Danny Stinson & Taco

EP6 - Kai Humphries (UK), Erin Melville & Tamara Issa

EP7 - Jackson Voorhaar, Sam Marzden & Hugo Gleeson

EP8 - Anil Desai (UK), Tamara Issa & Avi Bernshaw


EP10 - Ethan Addie, Frank Hampster, Kai Humphries & Aaron Munday

EP11 - Bendle, Dale Craig, Andrew Brown & Danny Stinson

EP12 - Lauren Bok, Claire Sullivan, Poncho Moreno & Danny Stinson

EP13 - Alexandra Howell, Michael Tancredi & Gabe Hogan

EP14 - Ben Pobjie, Blaise White & Rob Caruana

EP15 - Ethan Addie, Kieran Bullock & Sam Kirkpatrick

EP17 - Paul Provenza (Set List) & Damian Cowell (DC3/TISM)

Listen to Alan Driscoll's new comedy album 'The Differences Between Men & Women' - Recorded LIVE at Station 59 during the 2013 MICF

Watch and listen to Alan Driscoll's FREE comedy video and album 'Infinite Love'Filmed and recorded LIVE at Station 59 during the 2012 Melbourne Fringe

UPDATE - April 17, 2014 - Over 2300 tix already booked for our 2014 MICF season of '59 Free Comedy'.

Book your FREE ticket now for your chance to win a FREE beer at the show!

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"Just because it's a free show doesn't mean it's no good - in fact it's far better than many shows I've paid to see" - RHUM


'59 Free Comedy' returns to the 2014 Melbourne International Comedy Festival for the third year in a row at the Melbourne's original alternative comedy venue, Station 59.

'59 Free Comedy' has been a fixture at the Melbourne International Comedy Festival & Melbourne Fringe for the past 3 years - and returns with another huge line up for the 2014 MICF.

Our 2013 MICF program was our biggest ever. There were 15 different shows over four weeks - with over 2900 tickets booked with our FREE booking service.

When you book a ticket to any '59 Free Comedy' show you will automatically go into the draw to win a FREE beer at the show. You must be present when your name is drawn to claim your FREE beer.

'59 Free Comedy' Video Promo


Another '59 Free Comedy' Video Promo


Email freecomedy@dvomedia.com for more information about Free Comedy at Station 59

Mar 6, 2013 - YAWP Review - Open Mic

Sept 24, 2012 - YAWP Review - Open Mic

Check out www.yawpmag.com.au


Open Mic Comedy at Station 59



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