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"Just because it's a free show doesn't mean it's no good. In fact it's far better than many shows I've paid to see" - RHUM


Inspired by the 'Free Fringe' that has revolutionised the famous Edinburgh Fringe festival, '59 Free Comedy' has been a fixture at the Melbourne International Comedy Festival for the past 4 years.

Our 2015 MICF program is our biggest ever, featuring over 20 acts in 18 different shows over four weeks.

A number of acts in our 2015 MICF program (Blaise White, Greg Furey, Kieran Butler, Karl Redgen & Daisy Berry) have just returned from performing at the 2015 Adelaide Fringe as part of our very first season of 'Free Comedy' at the famous Edinburgh Castle

Food & Drink Specials - $8 pints of Mountain Goat Summer Ale! '59 Free Comedy' Snack Boxes only $10! All night, every night!

Book your FREE ticket for a chance to win a FREE beer at the show. Over 4500 tickets booked so far. Join the revolution!

Our very first Free Comedy season at the 2015 Adelaide Fringe was a huge success. Fringe goers in Adelaide were treated to 7 shows over 3 weeks at the famous Edinburgh Castle Hotel. We'll be back in 2016!

Blaise White - 'F*ck I'm Poor'

Greg Furey - 'Smart Bogan'

Nick Stevens - 'Going Rogue'

Kieran Butler - 'Australia is F*cked'

Garry Johal - 'You grew here, I spew here'

Nick Stevens - 'Going Rogue'


2015 Melbourne International Comedy Festival - Week 1 & 2 - CONCLUDED

March 25 - April 5, 2015

Opening Night - Week 3 & 4 - April 8

Andy Moratis kicks off proceedings in 'Single Dad'!

Jackson Hand - ' The Sound of One Hand Yapping'

A room full of happy '59 Free Comedy' punters!

Karl Redgen 'Rapid Fire'

Simon Hughes - 'Outrospectives'



'#YesAllWomen 6' at Station 59 in December 2014

2015 Melbourne International Comedy Festival - Week 3 & 4

April 8 - 19, 2015

Wed - Sun, 5 nights a week

Station 59

59 Church St, Richmond


6.15 PM - Andy Moratis is Single Dad - BOOK NOW

7.00 PM - Jackson Hand: 'The Sound of One Hand Yapping' - BOOK NOW

7.45 PM - Karl Redgen: 'Rapid Fire' - BOOK NOW

8.30 PM - Greg Furey: 'Smart Bogan' - BOOK NOW

9.15 PM - Alex Fusca & Simon Hughes: 'Outrospectives' - BOOK NOW

10.00 PM - Kieran Butler: Australia is F*ckd - BOOK NOW


4.00 PM - Marc James: 'Mamblings of a Radman' - BOOK NOW

4.45 PM - Juan Miles 'Joyfully Misanthropic' - BOOK NOW

5.30 PM - Daisy Berry: 'Am I Normal?' - BOOK NOW

'You're not Australian' - Kieran Butler

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