Inspired by the 'Free Fringe' that has revolutionised the famous Edinburgh Fringe festival.

'59 Free Comedy' has been a fixture part of the Melbourne International Comedy Festival for the past 5 years at Station 59 in Richmond.


"Just because it's a free show doesn't mean it's no good. In fact it's far better than many shows I've paid to see" - RHUM

Join the Australian Free Comedy Forum on Facebook Email for more information about Free Comedy.



Our regular Free Comedy Open Mic nights are every Wednesday at Station 59 in Richmond.

To book your spot to perform join the Australian Free Comedy Forum, and look out for the relevant thread for upcoming bookings. Conversely, the standby list is open every Wednesday from 7.45 PM. We endeavour to give everyone an opportunity to perform every week!

Join #YesAllWomen on Facebook for more information and to book your spot to perform


'#YesAllWomen 6' at Station 59






2016 MICF '59 Free Comedy' highlights

Gamze Kirik, Jacob & Luke, Steve Bedwell & Andrew Iles performing during Week 1 & 2 of '59 Free Comedy'!

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