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'Porn' Live

'Buckfast - the single'

'Porn' featuring Natalie Imbruglia

'Gettin Caught by the ACCC'

'Embrace Fear of Failure'

'Don't you want me?'

'My name is Bucks'

Butler v McGuire

6PR Interview


EP1 - Asaf Gerchak, Alan Driscoll & Taco

EP2 - Nicole Henriksen, Tony Magnuson, Jackson Voorhaar & Taco

EP3 - Abigoliah Schamaun, Amy Bodossian, Mel J. Richards & Taco

EP4 - Monty Franklin, Nick Stevens, Rob Caruana & Taco

EP5 - Martin Dunlop, Danny Stinson & Taco

EP6 - Kai Humphries (UK), Erin Melville & Tamara Issa

EP7 - Jackson Voorhaar, Sam Marzden & Hugo Gleeson

EP8 - Anil Desai (UK), Tamara Issa & Avi Bernshaw

EP10 - Ethan Addie, Frank Hampster, Kai Humphries & Aaron Munday

EP11 - Bendle, Dale Craig, Andrew Brown & Danny Stinson

EP12 - Lauren Bok, Claire Sullivan, Poncho Moreno & Danny Stinson

EP13 - Alexandra Howell, Michael Tancredi & Gabe Hogan

N mathematician.EP14 - Ben Pobjie, Blaise White & Rob Caruana

EP15 - Ethan Addie, Kieran Bullock & Sam Kirkpatrick

EP17 - Paul Provenza (Set List) & Damian Cowell (DC3/TISM)









"An acerbic, hard-hitting and hilarious commentary on the problems facing Australia, particularly following the election of Tony Abbott's right-wing government" - Galway Independent


Kieran Butler (BBC Scotland) performed 'Australia is Fucked' to capacity crowds at the 2013 - 15 Edinburgh Fringe festivals - and proved why Australia is the joke the rest of the world is now completely sick and tired of.

"One of the top Aussie acts of the 2013 Fringe" -

A Fringe veteran, Kieran Butler is one of the men behind the critically acclaimed 'Che Guevara on the Fringe' satirical trilogy. (**** - The Scotsman)

This is take-no-prisoners stand-up & musical comedy that wears it's influences on its sleeve, exposes the dark underbelly of living Down Under and lampoons the myopic psyche that the current Australian government has since put on display for the world.

"Hard hitting & thought provoking" - Laughing Stock (IRE)

"Wild laughs... Butler's kick is formidable" - The Age (AUS)



Ned Kelly - Last Stand Up

"Ferocious, satirical...  current and very political... very funny... good laughs" - Herald Sun

Ben Cousins - a rock opera

"It’s a no-brainer. Go watch it" Groggy Squirrel

"Thoroughly funny... hilarious" West Australian

Collingwood Ruined my Life

"The closest many men will get to therapy"  The Age

"A great show for all footy fans" Rip it Up

Whimsical Tricycle

***** Adelaide Advertiser

**** Edinburgh Evening News

Che Guevara on the Fringe

**** The Scotsman

**** Edinburgh Evening News 



Kieran Butler is an Australian performer with over 20 years experience. During that time he has traveled the world and performed all over Australia as a comedian, musician and satirist.

He has received critical acclaim at the Edinburgh and Adelaide Fringe festivals for his full length comedy and musical productions and has been regular contributor to radio stations in Scotland with (BBC - MacAulay & Co) and Melbourne (SEN - The Run Home).

He is best known in Australia for his solo stand up show 'Collingwood ruined my Life' which consistently sold out over three years at the Melbourne International Comedy Festival.

He received the coveted four star review from The Scotsman in 2007 for his show 'Che Guevara on the Fringe' - a show which was a consistent hit over 3 years with both critics and audiences.

He also performs as one half of 'Whimsical Tricycle' with his musical and life partner, Michelle Wilson. 'Whimsical Tricycle' have received widespread international critical acclaim for their original music and story-telling shows.

Throughout 2009 & 2010 Kieran wrote, produced and performed the full length parody musical 'Ben Cousins - a rock opera'.. Featuring Matt Walsh, Michelle Wilson, Sean Bedlam and Nick Barry, the show courted controversy, sell-out crowds and critical accolades over 3 seasons at the Melbourne Fringe Festival, Melbourne Comedy Festival, the Wild West Comedy Festival in Perth, WA - plus one-off performances in Adelaide & Sydney.

In 2011 Kieran performed 'Ned Kelly - Last Stand Up' in Melbourne & Perth. Featuring caneo perfromances by Sean Kelly (ex-TISM), the show featured stand-up, music and satire as Ned Kelly returned to the present day Australia with more than a few things to say about his former colonial home. Kieran reprised his version of Ned at the Ned Kelly festival in Beechworth in 2012.

Kieran returned to the 2012 & 2013 MICF with two new shows 'Freedom of Speech' & 'Infamaniac'. He also hosted the 'Raw Prawn Comedy Cocktail' podcast throughout the 2013 MICF.

Kieran has performed 'Australia is Fucked' at the 2013, 2014 & 2015 Edinburgh Fringe festivals, throughout Ireland in 2014 & 2015, and at the 2015 Adelaide Fringe & Melbourne International Comedy Festivals.


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